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If you like Magic the Gathering you will love the latest skills gaming release Battle Mania. It’s unlike any casino game you have ever played before, in fact, it’s a non-slot role-playing game (RNG)!. As you progress through the game you unlock different themes and bonus features. Its packed full interesting collectables and you first start your journey by picking your team…

Picking your Battle Mania Team

islands of battle mania

Before you go on this role playing adventure you must first pick your team. Depending on the level of risk you are willing to take.You can either choose from the following

Green Team – good chances of winning but grants small to medium prizes.

Blue Heroes – Average chances of winning grants small to big prizes.

Red Heroes – lower chances of winning grants medium to Huge prizes.

Let the Battles Commence!

Each individual character will have a separate battle. The win of a battle is determined by the sum of wins of the heroes that won during the battle. If a hero gets 5 or more manas in all mana cards that were received during a battle, then this hero gets the total win that you see over the losing enemy that is located in front of this hero.

battle mania bonus stone


There are 5 islands, each has its own unique bonus feature.If the game starts with only the Forest Island available. Unlock other islands by collecting island stones. Islands unlock in the following order:

Forest island – open from first game.

Swamp island – requires 2 stones to unlock.

Desert island – requires 5 stones to unlock.

Volcano island – requires 8 stones to unlock

While any island is still locked a single island stone may be received at the end of every game round (including bonus rounds) for the purpose of unlocking the following locked island. Once all islands are unlocked, islands stones will not be received.

Bonus Feature and RTP.

Depending on the team you select the return to player value of Battle Mania is between 94-95%.  During the game you might be lucky enough to get a bonus card. This will unlock the bonus feature and the island you have selected will determine the type of bonus round you receive

Enjoy Battle mania in our new section

As requested by a large number of our players we have created a New Games category. So you can keep up to date with the latest and greatest slots. We hope you have fun unlocking islands and collecting the magic stone cards and as always if you have any questions or need any help just let us know.

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