Bonus buy slots allow a player to purchase the feature within a specific game. Game providers such as Big-time gaming, Blueprint and Scientific games have a new variation on these types of games every week. These types of games are becoming popular, but you need to consider a few important things such as how much playtime will you get for your funds, how much of a budget do you have and are the chances of hitting a big win increased? 

Bonus Buy Slots Uk ban.

bonus buy slots banned by the united kingdom gambling commission

Recently the United Kingdom Gambling Commission had a massive crackdown on these types of games to enforce control over-responsible gambling. 

Extra chilli by big-time gaming game and rainbow riches mega ways bonus buy are just two examples of games that had to be taken down as a result of these features. We have been contacted by these game providers and they will be back but with the bonus buy feature disabled. So you will still be able to play these games in the UK but the features will have to be won in the base game and will no longer be available to buy.

So are Bonus buys worth it? 

for those of you outside of the UK, Bonus buys are typically worth 80 times or more the bet amount of that particular game. With some games such as extra chilli allowing you to gamble within the feature for more spins after this is bought.

The unfortunate reality though is you can just as equally lose and return to the base game having lost your initial 80 times bet. When you look at the math behind these types of games the return to player (RTP) increased when you buy these features. On the other hand, if you look at the amount of time you spend vs the base game is far less.

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So should I buy a bonus?

In short, the question is how much are you willing to spend and is the risk too high? You need to consider if you are willing to risk the amount you spend and do you have the bankroll to make such bets. If the answer is no you will be better off playing the base game or another game that has a higher RTP in the base game. 

You can find all of our games RTPs here and please remember to set limits and only play with what you can afford to lose. Gambling should only be a bit of fun and never seen as a way of making money. 

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