Lightning Roulette is brought to us from Evolution Gaming is a unique take on the entire genre of roulette.
You may recognise Evolution Gaming from bringing us other Live Casino Roulette and Blackjack games.

Sharing a lot of similarities with European Roulette, in terms of betting options, and stake sizes, but there are some twists to make the game a bit more interesting!

In lightning roulette, you have the chance of winning 500x your bet on a single number bet, instead of being capped at 35:1.

Sounds awesome right?

Well sort of. With that massive potential win just knocking on the door, the standard win without a multiplier attached is lowered to 29:1 from 35:1 compared to European Roulette.

Let’s take a deeper look at Lightning Roulette below.

Lightning Roulette Betting Options

Like every other version of roulette, you have a huge choice of betting options with lightning roulette. Play on splits, corners Red/Black on Dozens and on Thirds easily with Evolution Gamings Live Casino interface, but where the real fun kicks in are with the single number bets!

If you have come to play Lightning Roulette you have come because of the chance of hitting a 500x multiplier win and in order to do that you need to place single number bets.

A single number bet without a multiplier attached will payout at 29:1, but if you’re lucky and hit a multiplier win you could be walking away with a cool 500x multiplier win!

Lightning Roulette Betting Options

Lightning Roulette Multipliers Explained

Lightning Roulette’s main attraction is the multiplier wins you can hit.

After you have placed your bets in the game, the game will randomly assign up to 5 random numbers a multiplier value.

50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x and 500x multipliers are all computer-generated and randomly assigned to the roulette wheel, and if you’re lucky and placed a bet on one of the numbers that these multipliers are assigned to and that roulette ball hits, you’re in for a massive win!

For example, if you placed a bet of £1.00 on Number 14, then Number 14 was assigned a multiplier of 500x, and the ball landed in Number 14, you wouldn’t win £29.00, but you would win a whopping £500 instantly!

Awesome, right?

Lightning Roulette Multipliers Explained

Lightning Roulette Strategies

If you’re good with numbers, and you noticed the reduced payout for a non-multiplier win down to 29:1 from 35:1, then you may already know where this section is going.

Martingale Strategy? Nope.

Reverse Martingale Strategy? Nada.

Fibonacci Strategy? Think again!

Due to the reduced single bet wins, these strategies are unlikely to make you any quick money from Lightning Roulette. Some blogs have more detailed explanations on Lightning Roulette strategies, but for the most part, it’s down to luck”

After all, like all things casino, it all comes down to chance, and you’re going to have to get lucky to hit the Lightning Roulette Multiplier Wins!

R.T.P. (Return To Player)

The optimal RTP for Lightning Roulette is 97.30%.


There are a number of live casino game shows that are similar to Lightning Roulette. These include Lightning Baccarat, Lightning Dice, Crazy Time & Monopoly Live. In Q4 2021, Evolution Gaming will be releasing Cash or Crash Live which looks like it will be a massive hit!