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Live Football Studio by Evolution Gaming Studios is more of a simplified version of a Baccarat game, combined with a sports commentary session streamed live. The main platform is designed for all players who enjoy online gambling versatility, which gives players a nice break from traditional casino tables like lighting roulette.

How to Play Live Football Studio

The structure of the game is quite simple. There are three betting options: ‘’Home’’, ‘’Away’’, and ‘’Draw’’. The aim of the game is for the player to accurately predict which of the two cards dealt by the dealer will have a higher value. If you place your bet on the betting area in the middle (Draw),
you are betting that the result will be a tie.

Once the bets are all confirmed, the dealer will draw two cards, placing them face-up on the two betting fields and announcing the winning card. The payouts for ‘’Home’’ and ‘’Away’’ bets are 1:1, while the ‘’Draw’’ bet comes with payout rate at 11:1, being more of a riskier bet. The statistics for all three betting options are displayed on the virtual top card table layout while the Teletext with the information about the football match will be running simultaneously at the bottom of the screen.

Why should you play Live Football Studio?

  • It is an innovative platform that merges sports commentary and a card game
  • There are roadmaps and stats that are provided for each of the betting options
  • There is an option to switch your view allowing the players to customise the viewing mode
  • The video settings for the advanced video quality are adjustable from low to HD
  • There is also a Live Chat feature which enables interaction between the dealer and the
live football studio live dealer

What do we think?

This game offers a more casual form of gambling that reaches out to the sports aficionados. It is similar to table games, such as sports blackjack, however, the platform works, providing a simple yet engaging card game in a dynamic environment.

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