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Evolution Gaming is currently the world leader in creating live dealer online casino games. Their most popular game among both land-based and online casino players because their tables are open to up to 1,000 players at a time. 

Live Roulette Games Overview

Live Roulette is considered one of the classics, next to Blackjack and Poker. What sets Live Roulette apart from these classic games; such as Blackjack and Poker is that it is a game completely based on chance or as some like to call it luck as the outcome of the game is unpredictable and cannot be controlled.

The wheels and dealers are normally monitored to maintain the integrity of the game. You will sometimes notice that the dealer also alternates the spin direction for every spin. 

There are two variants of Live Roulette found at Evolution Gaming; Live European and Live American. For Live European Roulette, the return to player percentages stands at 97.3% and for Live American Roulette, it stands at 94.74%. 

While there will always be a house edge in both variants, the focus is providing games that are generally more in favour of the player rather than the provider/dealer. Whenever maintenance is done on the game, the wheels are checked for bias and to make sure they are not fixed in any way. 

Evolution Gaming is very strict on creating a fair gaming experience that meets the industry standards. 

The Live Roulette variants offered by Evolution Gaming all offer great features including in-game chat, statistics, game history as well as hot and cold numbers. Apart from that, the staff are friendly people who are always ready to host your game and strike up a fun in-game conversation. 


The Player Interface

These Live Roulette variants can be accessed across all devices, from your desktop to your mobile as well as a table. On Desktop you can choose between three different screen layouts namely; Multi-Camera, 3D and Classic View. There is also an automatic option which is considered the best as it will enable the gaming software to make use of the layout that works best for your internet connection speed as well as the device you are using. 


When playing Live Roulette at our casino, you can rest assured it’ll will also included exclusive bonuses offers and the latest exciting titles and hopefully some amazing wins. Register today and find out more about our exclusive Live casino games offers.

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